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Blunt Force Trauma

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Random

So as my week comes to an end, I find myself happy and content. I know what my likes and dislikes are. I found cute trinkets for a few of my followers abroad and have I mentioned I love this time of year? I am one of the few that love cold weather! Being that my birthday is in December, I can’t get enough of the snow and the bitter cold.

I have come to accept that men are going to walk in and out of my life, with the slightest twitch of an eye. I am hopeful that my life will run its course now, rather than later. I am grateful for all things yellow, and blue. And
I am beside myself when it comes to gibberish.

Just a few things I am thinking about this “blustery” cold morning. :o) .

With that said, “What’s done is done, no use in back tracking, unless you live life in reverse”



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Headache & Phone Typing

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Random

Good evening twerps! So this week has been off to a good start. Sunday began my start of the “quit smoking” program. Doing pretty well so far, but I seem to be having a headache as the new smoking cessation seems to be giving me one. Oh well. Just a couple more days and I can quit all together and let the pills take after on the start of week #2. Woot!

Short but sweet, write more later!